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How to Make the First Night on Your Purple Pure Bliss

It’s finally here in all its Purple glory. You’ve been waiting for this moment as long as you waited for Finding Dory. SPOILER ALERT: They do indeed find her. Anyways, you are now staring eye-to-eye with a 70- to 140-pound mattress in a log and we understand it can be a little intimidating. So please, let us help you.

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Is a Purple® Mattress Right for You? Quiz

Buying a bed in a store is so 2007. These days, online is the only way to shop, and there are a lot of benefits to going the ecommerce route. First, prices are lower. There are less over-head costs than brick-and-mortar stores have, so companies can offer you products for less.

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How much sleep do you actually need? Quiz

Some of us claim to be super humans who can survive on just a few hours of sleep, while others claim to be borderline narcoleptics. But the truth is your body needs a certain amount of sleep, and it is possible to get too much or too little. It’s important to know the amount of sleep that’s just right for you. Being under- or over-rested can result in irritability, inability to focus, a lack of productivity, and bunions! Okay, not really bunions, but it’s pretty serious regardless.

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Which famous person shares your sleeping habits?

Maybe your bedtime routine isn’t as unique as you think. Maybe – just maybe – there’s even a famous person who uses a similar approach. So even though you may not sing like Mariah Carey or run billion dollar companies like Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos, you might sleep like them.

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Want better sleep tonight? Take this quiz

Oh, to be a kid… Back in the day you could sleep through anything, right? Remember when the biggest stress you had was whether your favorite cartoon would be on after school? We understand. Well, there are a boatload of simple things you can do to catch better ZZZs, but let us determine what might be the most effective for you.

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How to Shop for Sheets in 2016

How do you use sheets? Do you sleep with a bottom and top sheet, or just one of them? Do you use your top sheet as a blanket because you sleep warm? Are you still using sheets your mom bought you when you went off to college? Everyone has a unique way of thinking about sheets. Some put a really high importance on the quality of their sheets, others couldn’t think less about them.

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9 Unique Ways to End Bedtime Battles

When kids are young, bedtime can become an epic nightly battle. When in the trenches, it sometimes feels like there’s no escape. But stay strong knowing that parents before you have braved the same battlefield and come out alive—but not without developing a new nifty tricks along the way. Learn from their wisdom to keep from re-enacting The Shining each night it’s time to hit the sack.

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Wake Up on the Wrong Side of the Bed? Do This.

For some inexplicable reason, sometimes we just wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Sometimes our grumpy morning mood is spurred on by a bad night’s sleep or waking up later than we planned, other times we’re just an early morning grumpy-puss.

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