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Where’s My Stuff?

Shipping Updates, Apologies, and Kittens

You may be wondering, “I ordered my new Purple goodies weeks ago, but only half have arrived. What’s up with that?” Or, “It’s been a week and I haven’t gotten a tracking number, did Purple forget about me?”

Well, my friend, we have not forgotten about you!

Here’s the deal, you bought all our stuff!

Well, probably not just you specifically, but you and thousands of others have been awesome enough to fill your lives with Purple. And we are so honored and excited, and also freaking out a little bit.

Basically, we sold more than we physically have. And because we assemble and ship everything with love from our manufacturing facility in Utah, we’ve got to play some catch up.

What to expect with shipping

If you ordered roughly anytime between November 21st and now, there might be some delayed shipping times. This doesn’t mean it will absolutely take this long to ship, it’s just our safe estimation. We’re working as hard as we can to get items to you as quickly as possible.

Also, note that these shipping times are estimated FROM THE DATE YOU ORDERED, not from the day you’re reading this blog post.

Here’s what to expect right now:

Mattress: 10 – 14 days (California King: 4 – 6 weeks)
Seat Cushions: 6 – 8 weeks (yes, seriously)
Platform Base: 3 – 4 weeks
Mattress Protectors: 2 – 3 weeks
Sheets: 6 – 8 weeks (nope, we’re not kidding)

Keep in mind ALL ITEMS WILL SHIP SEPARATELY. This especially applies to giveaway items (seat cushions and sheets) so don’t hold your breath for those. We’re getting them out as quickly as we can.

So what about my tracking number?

Good question! Tracking numbers are emailed to you once the product LEAVES OUR FACILITIES.

So, if it takes six weeks to ship your sheets out, it will be six weeks before you get a tracking number. Once the product is en route, you’ll get a tracking number and you can follow your various items right to your door.

Regarding the 100-night trial on the mattress

If you would like to delay your 100-night trial until you get your Purple Platform Base, we can do that. You just need to CALL into customer service and let them know you’re waiting to sleep on your Purple until you can get your platform. Here’s their number: 844-642-5613.

Any other questions you have, feel free to call in or email us at

We really are sorry for any inconvenience. These are the growing pains of a blossoming business and we really appreciate your patience and loyalty while we get caught up.

And now, some kittens:






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