The Science of Purple

  • Are you waking up every morning with back, shoulder or neck pain?
  • Are there certain areas of your bed you try to avoid?
  • Do your arms and legs feel numb when you wake up?
  • Are you tossing and turning?

Are you just plain having a hard time going to sleep and staying that way? All these problems are significantly affecting your health, career, and your day to day life.

Guess what?

The mattress you’re sleeping on, which should be helping you, may be the problem.

Man with back pain

But it doesn’t need to be!

Introducing Purple -
The Answer to Your sleep Problems

The Purple Mattress

Purple is the culmination of over 20 years of creating sleep products. All of our research and all of our efforts have led to this moment!

Purple is a Hyper-Elastic Polymer™, which is super stretchy and super strong.

That means it’s durable and your mattress won’t develop a body impression. It’s also temperature neutral, hypoallergenic, responsive, and comfortable!

Gone are the days when sleeping on a jumbled bunch of metal springs was considered comfortable.

Gone too are the days of sweating in temperature-activated memory foams.

The sleep engineers at Purple have developed a mattress technology advancement that will revolutionize sleep for everyone.

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If not, keep scrolling and prepare for a brain bomb.

Brain Bomb

What is Hyper-Elastic Polymer™?

Hyper-elastic Polymer

The Hyper-Elastic Polymer™ Purple is a pressure-releasing material. This material is organized in a grid formation, which creates walls that can support or fold depending on how much pressure it receives.

Here's how it works

The Purple walls fold and pass the weight to the conjoining walls.

It then instantly releases when weight is removed.

This guarantees a minimal amount of pressure at sensitive spots, maximum support at alignment spots, and a balance of weight distribution across the whole body.

This balance means that Purple is responsive enough for quality time with your partner, but won’t jostle you around when they stir in the night. One more way the Purple® Bed is a no-compromise mattress.

Hyper Elastic Polymer cradles your hips and shoulders.
Pressure is dispersed

OK, it’s supportive and “sciencey”… but do I really need it?

The short answer is YES! But we won’t just leave it there. Take a look at this:

Ask yourself this question: When was the last time you said to yourself “Man, I feel totally and completely rested and ready to go for the day!”

Can’t remember? That’s because you aren’t sleeping well enough.

Even if you think you had a good night’s sleep, odds are you really didn’t sleep as well as you thought.

Purple is the answer to SO MANY problems:
Purple helps you.

How Important is Getting Good Sleep?

Sleep is vital to mental and physical health.

Sleep helps us:
⇒ conserve and replenish vitally important energy stores
⇒ support healthy heart and cardiovascular functions
⇒ retain information both in the long- and short-term
⇒ restore neural activity in the brain

**DYK: You can survive longer without food than you will without sleep!**

Where does Purple come in?

Your brain can’t reboot properly if your body isn’t comfortable. If your body isn’t comfortable and supported during sleep, all your brain will do is focus on getting comfortable instead of doing what it SHOULD be doing during sleep.

Purple is designed to take care of your body so your brain can repair itself.

The Purple® Bed is designed to ensure that your body is properly aligned throughout the night because:


Side Sleeping

Still not ready to commit to a whole mattress?
Try the seat cushion first

After a few days, you’ll notice that your back will feel better than it has in a long time.
The Purple Seat Cushion

Alignment… is that all?

Not even close. Purple is designed to be temperature neutral so that you can sleep throughout the night without getting overheated. Temperature affects how you sleep perhaps more than any other factor.


You see? It’s all tied together. Body alignment and temperature control are the MOST important elements that factor into healthy sleep.

Purple combines the latest innovations in body alignment and temperature control to be the ultimate tool so your brain does its job.

Take back your ZZZs!

Not only does Purple put no pressure on your body, it also takes the pressure off your wallet.

Purple’s one of a kind “100-Night Prove-Us-Right” offer lets you try the Purple® mattress for 100 nights with no commitment! If you don’t love it, we’ll refund your money and pick up your mattress at no charge.

Plus, once you decide you love it (because let’s be honest, you already know you will) you can rest easy knowing that your purchase is insured with our 10 YEAR WARRANTY!

Why should you have to choose between hard or soft? Or worse, average?! Purple means no compromise—that means soft where you want it and firm where you need it.

Why should you suffer through overheated nights in the heat trap that you call your bed?

Your mattress is supposed to work for you. Toss out grandma’s old mattress and get into the latest innovation in sleep and comfort technology.

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The Purple Mattress

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